Monday, October 5, 2009

Kannada Movies, KSRTC and me - an eternal love/hate triangle

If at all there is reincarnation and karma, i surely must have did some terrible things against Kannada film industry or KSRTC or both in my previous birth. All most all the Kannada movies i got to watch were thrust upon me by KSRTC buses. Everytime i watch a Kannada movie, i think a movie couldn't get worse than this, but next time, they come with a worse movie than that. They get the timing also right by playing these movies on my worst journeys.

Most of the movie will be mindless hatred and hopeless sentiment combined with a sexually deprived lead pair. Every once in a while, the supposedly good and bad parties cross their paths and exchange some harsh words and hot punches over some family/prestige issues involving some money. The fuel to this fire is the romance between hero and heroine. The heroine makes orgasm faces as in B movies whenever the hero touches or even merely looks at her. And then, they break into a song and dance sequence involving pornographic-scenes-with-clothes-on. Towards the end of the movie, the writers put heavy dialogues into the artists' mouths. Most of the lousiest films will be based on a simple misunderstanding and not having the time and patience to clear that earlier. Suddenly everything becomes so clear and obvious to everyone. Everyone realize their own mistakes and forgive others for theirs. They all break into a jubilant mood on the eve of some marriage or reunion.

And i think that's the worst movie ever made. Duly, i'll be proved wrong next time i travel by KSRTC.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cheating at petrol bunks

I'm little paranoid about the petrol bunk i generally go to, but i don't have much of a choice as that's the nearest one. To be on safe side, i'm always extra vigilant while they put the petrol. Today i noticed one more way of cheating. For 100 rupees petrol, i gave them 500 rupees note and was waiting for the change.

This is how the money counting process by hand goes. The left hand holds a bunch of notes. The left thumb separates the top note from the pile and the right hand takes it. The bunk guy did that for three 100 notes. For the fourth note, he enacted the same gesture but the right hand didn't pick up the note. He gave me the change thinking that i won't count. After showing him that it is short of one note, he gave me the fourth one. I know there is no point in arguing with him. We only have to be extra careful. After all, it's our money, honey!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bangalore to Ooty road trip (bike)

When? - Mar 27 - Mar 29, 2009 (3 days)
Where? - Bangalore to Ooty
Who? - Pauly, Sreenivas, Tony and our couple (5 people)
How? - 3 Bikes (Pulsar, CBZ, Passion Plus)
Budget? - Shoestring

Last month, we got a long weekend. Thanks to Ugadi. We thought of riding to Waynad, but at the last moment we decided to head to Ooty. On the festival day, my better-half woke up early and prepared boorelu, payasam, puliyogarai and ugadi chutney. Our friends arrived by 5'O clock and had some of the delicacies. We packed the remaining stuff and started early to beat the morning traffic. On the way to Mysore, we finished the rest of the food. Before Mysore, we noticed some oil leaking from my bike. We waited for the shops to open and got it fixed. Then we headed to Ooty.

We took the ghat road up the hill through 36 hairpin bends. That was hell lot of a journey. After having lunch, we found a place to stay with the help of a local guy. That day we rested most of the time except for a visit to the lake.

The next day, we found a nice restaurant for breakfast. The server cum cook cum owner was treating us like we're his guests at home. All of us ate like it was our last meal. After breakfast, we decided to ride to Red Hills. Red Hills is the not yet spoiled part of Ooty. Most of the regulars don't go there as it's far. We visited a lake and couple of dams on the way. At the Red Hills, we trekked for a little while and dropped the idea of reaching a peak as it's midday. We came down the hill and stopped at a local shop to have some drinks. Some old man was running the shop. It doesn't have any soft drinks, not even mineral water. So, he offered us some water from his home. Our friend Pauly spotted some lemons there and made us lemonade. We ate all sorts of candies there. On the way back, we stopped at Fernhill Palace for lunch. That was a nice place. We had some drinks and nice leisurely lunch there. We spent that evening shopping around.

The next day, we had some breakfast and started back. Descesding the hill through hairpin bends by bike was a good experience. The ride upto Bandipur jungle was good. After that it wasn't fun in the heat. At Mysore, we stopped for lunch. The rest of the journey was just fighting through the traffic till home.

Here are some pics.


Damn! This is all about being me, the supposedly great Srihari. Why the hell am i writing my blog like someone else? Enough of that crap.

Okay. From now onwards, i'll write to please myself and myself alone. Damn with being acceptable. Here I come.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Project Euler break

In the past 3 weeks, i solved 86 out of 226 problems at Project Euler. That's a decent count considering the hardness of the problems. I'll give it a break and visit it at a later point of my life. Anyhow, it was time well spent on those problems using LISP.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Project Euler

I just came to know about project euler couple of days back. So far, I solved 39 out of 221 problems. I'm using LISP to solve them and getting a kick of it.

Monday, December 1, 2008